The best resorts

For those who like “all-inclusive”, want to relax, get any kind of treatment and improve health, we suggest vacations on the best resorts of Belarus. Hospitality of Belarusian people and fresh forest air can work miracles on health and mood. Organic food, amazing landscapes, interesting sights in surrounding locations - all of it and a lot more you can experience during the stay at out best resorts.

The culture of sanatorium-and-spa treatment (rest + recovery under the supervision of professional doctors with special equipment) has been preserved in Belarus since Soviet times. While in most countries the sanatoriums have turned into SPA hotels, in Belarus they have retained their emphasis on effective medical treatment and disease prevention. At the same time, the quality of the service did not remain at the Soviet level, but moved up to the premium segment.

We offer rest and treatment in the best and newest sanatoriums of the country - Plissa (2016) and Alfa Radon (2015). To ensure that treatment, which is appointed individually, has a real effect, we recommend that you spend at least 12 days visiting the sanatorium.

To learn more about such vacation options please contact us directly.