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Stork is a symbol of Belarus.

Stork is a beautiful and magical bird. And it is a symbol of Belarus.

There are many legends about this holy bird. One of them tells such an interesting story.

According to the tale, the Stork used to be a man. Once God told him to throw a sack containing all kinds of harmful insects, rodents and snakes into the sea, and forbade him to untie it to see what was inside. However, the man succumbed to temptation and either out of curiosity or tempted by another man, disobeyed. All the creatures spread over the globe in a flash, while the man was turned, for his curiosity and disobedience, into the Stork wandering around the world and collecting all these beings for food.

Belarusians believe that storks settle only for good people. And if you see the first flying stork in spring, you will be happy the whole year.

Be happy and come to us in Belarus!

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