4 days/3 nights

London - Minsk - London

Minsk City Break from Great Britain

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    ½ twin 699€ / sngl 772€

  • Dates

    10.04 – 13.04.2020 / 22.05 – 25.05.2020

    26.06 – 29.06.2020 / 10.07 – 13.07.2020

    24.07 – 27.07.2020 / 21.08 – 24.08.2020

    18.09 – 21.09.2020 / 02.10 – 05.10.2020

  • Trip Type

    Group of 5 people
  • Duration

    4 Days
  • Starting Location

    Minsk airport
  • Final Destination

    Minsk airport

Our Route


Minsk is a Capital of the Republic of Belarus, and it’s located in the central part of the country. For the first time Minsk was mentioned in 1067.

Almost completely rebuilt after destructive World War II, nowadays it has wide streets, large parks, beautiful architecture, nice bars and restaurants. Minsk offers almost everything you need from a modern city, whether you came on business or enjoy weekend. During the city tour you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the most famous places of interest in Minsk:

  • Victory Square - one of the main monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. In the center of the square there is a 40 m high obelisk with the Victory order on the top.
  • Troetskoe Predmestie - the historical part of Minsk that survived after the destroying Great Patriotic War. This place will give you an idea what the town looked like in the past.
  • Minsk City Hall - was a symbol of the Magdeburg right that the city received in 1499. It was reconstructed in 2003 on the same place where it stood from 1582 until 1851 when it was destroyed.
  • City Gate - two symmetrical buildings across the street from the railway station that could be perceived as a gate to the city for the visitors arriving by train or by bus to Minsk.
  • Independence avenue - is the main thoroughfare of the city crossing Minsk from the south-west to the north-east. Only 10 houses survived on the avenue after the Great Patriotic War. Now it’s the main avenue of Minsk.
  • National Library - 25-storied building in shape of a diamond, that is one of the most substantial projects in modern Belarus.
  • Red church is the Roman-Catholic church of St.Semeon and St.Elena. Independence Square – is one of the biggest squares in Europe (half of the kilometer in length).
  • Island of tears - the monument that was opened in memory of the sons of Belarus who died beyond the bounds of the country in the Afghanistan War.


  • 1
    19:15-19:45 - Arrival at the Minsk airport by B2-852 flight, meeting the guide
  • 2
    19:45-20:15 - Visiting the Mound of Glory, a distinctive landmark 21 km from Minsk, on the way to the hotel. People brought handfuls of soil from nine Hero Cities of the former Soviet Union and from the battlegrounds of World War II to make the Mound.
  • 3
    20:45 - Check in at the hotel
  • 4
    Overnight in Minsk


«Open Air Museum Dudutki»

This fascinating journey includes excursions, attractions and fine food await you. You will be able to taste fresh home-baked bread with a village butter and herbal tea at baker’s and miller’s. There will also be home-distilled vodka at the brewery, traditional cheese and, of course, famous Belarusian bacon with cabbage. A wood crafting master, a potter and a blacksmith will share the secrets of their craftsmanship and show their best during the master class. At the end, everyone will be offered to go for a ride in a horse cart.

The museum is located 40 km far from Minsk, in Pukhovichi district, in a picturesque place near the Ptich River, kilometer and a half away from the village of Dudichi.

«BELAZ: The World Giants»

The factory of mining trucks in Zhodino is the birthplace of machines shaking the earth with the power in their engines. This place gives a unique opportunity not only to observe mining trucks with carrying capacity from 90 to 450 tons, but also to get acquainted with the process of their creation and even climb into the cabin of the legendary BelAZ! In the museum of industrial glory you will discover interesting secrets of BelAZ. You will also imbue with the atmosphere of the world of giant machines. After a busy excursion program, there will be a coffee break with branded cakes shaped as mining trucks. You will also receive a memorable souvenir.

The museum is located 60 km far from Minsk.


  • 1
    07:00-09:00 - Breakfast.
  • 2
    09:00-13:00 - Minsk city tour. You will see the capital’s main monuments and places of interest: The National Library building, Victory Square with its 38-meter obelisk and the eternal flame commemorating the heroes of World War II, the Trinity suburb and the Afghanistan War Monument on the Island of Tears, the Upper town, the Catholic and Orthodox Cathedrals, Independence Square with the House of Government, the KGB historical office, the Residence of the President, the Ice Hockey Arena and a football stadium, etc.
  • 3
    14:00-19:00 - Optional thematic trip to the Museum of antique Belarusian crafts “Dudutki”* (~40 km from Minsk) or another optional tour «BELAZ: the World of Giants»* (~60 km from Minsk). Comeback to Minsk.
  • 4
    19:00 - Free time. Overnight in Minsk

Day 3 MIR, NESVIZH Castles

Both castles are worth seeing, especially considering the fact that they are located not far from each other (34 km), and 109 km far from Minsk.

Mir Castle is a unique monument of Belarusian architecture. It is included into the UNESCO List of World Heritage. It was built in the Gothic style at the end of 15th - early 16th century. The Castle is a square building with the towers at its corners. One of Mir's towers was a go-through and had a drawbridge and iron lattice that could stop a sudden attack easily. The castle represented an unassailable fortification - its walls were protected by two rows of loop-holes and towers were adjusted to shooting from heavy guns.

The Mir's underground system of communication is so large that some of its parts have not been investigated yet. According to one of the legends, a faithful servant of the lord hid the treasures in one of the numerous underpasses of the castle and exploded the entrance. And now people believe that there is a ghost in the castle that guards the treasures and frightens the visitors of Mir Castle.

Nesvizh is one of the oldest and most mysterious cities in Belarus. At the end of the 15th - early 16th century the Radzivilles began the construction of a new castle on the place of the previous one made of wood. The beauty and splendor of decoration of the new residence could have left many royal courts far behind: parquet flooring made of the most valuable sorts of wood, stucco ceiling and gold-plated or painted walls. Nesvizh Castle also has its ghost - the Black Dame strolling along dark corridors of the palace during moonless nights.


  • 1
    07:00-09:00 - Breakfast.
  • 2
    09:00-13:00 - Optional day tour «Belarusian Castles»* (~100 km from Minsk). The legendary Mir Castle, a UNESCO site included in the World Heritage List, is situated in the very typical small town of Western Belarus. You will have a visual review of Mir castle. Once famous for its national diversity, Mir town led a special way of life. Feel that atmosphere while visiting Mir, which by the way means “Peace”. Then we move to Nesvizh (~32 km).
  • 3
    13:00-14:00 - Lunch
  • 4
    14:00-19:00 - After the lunch you will visit the 16th century Nesvizh palace and the park of the noble Radzivill family. You will also see the Farny Church, the oldest baroque style building in the Eastern Europe, city hall of Nesvizh and some remains of town fortifications. Return to Minsk (~120 km).
  • 5
    19:00 - Free time. Overnight in Minsk


We offer our guests all the kinds of shuttle services. Our drivers mostly run on guided tours in Belarus and Europe by combining different modes of transport: from the large class «Grand Tourism» Bus to compact minivans and cars. All of them are experienced and skilled drivers, who are attentive to the desires of customers and care about their comfort while traveling.


  • 1
    07:00-08:30 - Breakfast.
  • 2
    09:00 - Check out.
  • 3
    09:00-10:00 - Transfer to the airport
  • 4
    12:10 - Departure by B2-851 flight

(*) Optional payments. Changes are assumed in the order of activities, itineraries, late arrivals, the reduction of time spent in the city and at the hotel due to the delay at the border, heavy traffic, etc.


3*** (Belarus Hotel)

4**** (Minsk Hotel)

5***** (Renaissance Minsk hotel)








Price per person

Group 5 persons

699 €

772 €

744 €

847 €

862 €

1145 €

The price includes:

  • Meeting at the airport;
  • Flight London – Minsk – London;
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel;
  • Accommodation with breakfasts according to the program;
  • Minsk City Tour;
  • Transfer from the hotel to the airport;

Optional excursions (joining a scheduled group tour (in English). Price per person:

Museum of antique Belarussian crafts «Dudutki»

45 €

«Belarusian Castles»

55 €

«BELAZ: the world's giants» 1 pax - 190 €; 2-4 pax - 95 €; 5 pax -75 €

75-190 €


Private tours in Minsk upon request (available from Pax 2):

A backstage life of the Big Theatre of Opera and Ballet (guide, transfer, tickets)~2 hours

45 €

Visit to the Great Patriotic War Museum (guide, transfer, tickets)~2 hours

45 €

Masterpieces of the National Arts Museum (guide, transfer, tickets)~2 hours

45 €

Masterpieces of Soviet Sculpture in Zair Azgur Musem (guide, transfer, tickets)~2 hours

45 €

Holocaust history in Trostents nazi death camp (guide, transfer)~2 hours

55 €

Visit to Minsk Tractors Factory (available on Friday) (guide, transfer, tickets) ~3 hours

60 €

Kayak tour in Minsk (guide, transfer) ~5 hours

100 €


Extra payments::

  • Medical insurance;
  • Extra meals