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Since 2017, the Republic of Belarus has been removing bureaucratic borders, which prevented foreign visitors from visiting the East European country for decades. More effort is to be done, but the progress is obvious: for today, nationals of a number of countries can travel to Belarus without a visa, and Belarus hospitably awaits them.
For now, one is able to get to Belarus in 3 different ways:
1) By plane, via the Minsk airport. Nationals of 80 countries (see Appendix 2 below) may enter Belarus through the Minsk airport, without a Belarusian visa. The only thing one has to do is to check with the list below and make sure that no additional documents are required. Then, one may travel all over the country, but is obliged to leave Belarus through the Minsk airport, too.

What is needed?
• A valid passport;
• Medical insurance that covers at least € 10 000 (can be purchased at the airport);
• An amount of money that is equal to € 25 for a day of stay.

2) By car, bus, train or even on foot.Nationals of 74 countries (see Appendix 3 below) may come to Belarus through its western border in picturesque Hrodna and Brest regions. No visa is required. However, while entering that way, one must stay within the borders of the visa-free area, which is marked on the map (Appendix 3). Organized tourist groups serviced by Belarusian tour operators are allowed to visit the extended area.

What is needed?
• A valid passport;
• An invitation from a Belarusian tour company.

3)By the way, there’s a list of countries that benefit from a full-scale visa-free regime with Belarus (see Appendix 1): their citizens may travel to Belarus through any crossing point. Check whether your country is included!

What is needed?
• An application for a visa to the embassy of Belarus in your country. Or just a valid passport.

Q: May I combine two different ways of travel, e.g. to arrive via the airport, but to leave by train through Hrodna district?
A: No, if you arrive via airport, you ought to leave in the same way.
Q: If I arrive at the visa-free area from Poland through Brest district, may I leave Belarus to Lithuania through Voranava or some other visa-free district?
A: Absolutely. As long as you stay within the visa-free area and have all the documents needed for visiting Lithuania, you are free to leave through any crossing point in the area.
Q: I’ve heard there is no border between Belarus and Russia. What if I come to Belarus and take a trip to Moscow for a change?
A: You should be careful. For now, nationals of the third countries are not allowed to cross the ground border between Belarus and Russia, even if they have a Russian visa or benefit from a visa-free regime with Russia. There’re just two ways for them to get to Russia from Belarus: by plane, from the Minsk National airport, and through Viesialoŭka crossing point (also known as the “the Three sisters”) in the very south-east of the country, where the borders of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine meet.
Q: Ugh, and what if I want to come to Belarus from Russia?
A: Unfortunately, it’s a bad idea. Firstly, you will have to travel by plane. And, as long as you are not a Russian citizen, you’ll need a Belarusian visa and won’t be able to take advantage of any visa-free regime. Moreover, the visas, which usually can be issued to certain foreigners at the Minsk National airport, cannot be issued to the foreigners, who arrive by flights from Russia.
Q: I am from India and I want to avail of the opportunity of the visa free-regime during my European vacation. But I ought to comply with some more recommendations, ought not I?
A: Yes, as long as you are a national of a country, marked in the attached list with an asterisk, you must have a valid Schengen visa with an entrance mark in a passport and air tickets with confirmed departure date in order to come to Belarus. So, you may combine a visit to the EU with a visit to Belarus, but make sure that the latter follows the former and there is a confirmation in your passport. And that affects only a plane trip; you can still visit the visa-free area without additional requirements.

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For years, the name “Belarus” has not been on every tourist’s lips. Despite its pristine nature, rich Soviet legacy, developing agritourism and general safety for travelers, the country didn’t receive the attention it’s worth of. But things are going to change: the Republic of Belarus has opened its borders and is now visa-free for tourist from a number of states (including the UK), who travel by plane.

On February, 9 during a meeting in London AITO welcomed another associated member – the Republican union of tourism industry (RUTI), an organization that consolidates tour operators, DMCs, hotels and tourist attractions from Belarus.

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One visa-free zone “Brest-Grodno”

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has signed Decree No. 300 “On Establishing a Visa-Free Procedure for Entry and Exit of Foreign Citizens”, the press service of the president reports.

The previously separate Brest and Grodno visa-free zones for tourist and recreation purposes are now combined into a unified Brest-Grodno visa-free territory. It includes five districts: Brest, Volkovysk, Grodno, Lida and Shchuchin.

In this region, the period of stay without a visa is increased to 15 days for citizens of 73 countries. In addition, it will be possible to enter the country through two additional checkpoints: Bieniakoni and Berestovitsa.

Foreigners will be able to travel without visas throughout the western regions, provided that they are part of organized tourist groups on routes that provide for a visit to the visa-free territory of Brest – Grodno.

The decree comes in force three months after its official publication.

At the same time, a visa-free entry procedure for citizens of 74 states to Belarus for up to 30 days via Minsk National Airport is maintained, which is provided for by decree of January 9, 2017 No. 8 (as amended, effective July 24, 2018).

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Let us invite you to take part in the presentation of the tourist opportunities of the Republic of Belarus to be held in Munich on July 18, 2019. The presentation will be organized by the Belarusian Touristic Union and the Belavia – Belarusian Airlines, supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Belarus in Munich.

Belarusian Touristic Union is a non-government organization that consolidates tourist operators and travel agencies, hotels, agricultural tour destinations, transport organizations, guides, etc. It’s the largest tourism association of Belarus. We are interested in cooperation with tourist associations and outbound tour operators in your state to create favorable conditions to facilitate the stimulation of the bilateral exchange of information and professional resources in the field of tourism, to encourage and increase mutual tourist flows.

“BelAgroTravel” is a DMC and a co-founder of the Belarusian Touristic Union as well as a close-knit team of tourism professionals and enthusiastic specialists in history, cultural heritage and ecology.

At the presentation you will learn about Belarus as a tourist destination, about possibilities of a visa-free visit to the country, about popular tourist routes and sites.

Please, confirm your participation by contacting us via email: info@rsti.by

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Belarus is a landlocked country, which is situated west of Russia and east to Poland, offers great opportunity for tourists to explore both medieval castles and Soviet monuments and get familiarised with unique place of where the East meets the West. Being still relatively new country for tourists to explore, Belarus is actively improving infrastructure and offering wide range of interesting activities. This year Belarus is proudly hosting 2-nd European Games which will be featuring 199 events in 15 sports. Travellers from 50 countries across the globe are planning to visit this major event.

Russia is the largest country in the world, spans nine time zones and borders 14 countries from two continents. Traditionally, Russia is known as a land rich in history, famous for its art, ballet and literature. Every year, Moscow hosts about 33,000 tourists and the Russian hospitality industry is growing rapidly. People from all over the world come to Russia each year and get an experience of a lifetime. The hugely successful Football World Cup 2018 showcased the country’s greatly developed infrastructure, fast inter-city railway connections and warm welcome.

At this free event experts will share their in-depth knowledge of destinations, highlight the most interesting and popular programmes, explain in detail the visa processes and answer any questions you might have when dealing with requests about two countries. You will also find out how to sell Belarusian and Russian tours, choose reliable suppliers and DMCs, and where to get help with marketing and promotional materials.


Thu, 13 June 2019
10:00 – 14:00 BST
The Birmingham Conference & Events Centre Hill Street Birmingham
United Kingdom
10.00 – Registration and breakfast
10.30 – Quick overview about RNTO and the scope of our business
10.40 – General overview about Russia and destination USPs
11.00 – Logistic and visa process
11.40 – “Two hearts of Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg”
12.15 – Belarusian tourist potential (major events and attractions, visa free entrance options)
12.40 – Introduction of BelAgroTravel DMC from Belarus
13.00 – Introduction of Prime Tour DMC from Belarus
13.20 – Q&A session
14.00 – Close of event


Fri, 14 June 2019
09:00 – 13:00 BST
37 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 5ED
09.00 – Registration and breakfast
10.00 – Quick overview about RNTO and the scope of our business
10.10 – General overview about Russia and destination USPs
10.20 – Logistic and visa process
10.40 – “Two hearts of Russia: Moscow and St Petersburg”
11.00 – Belarusian tourist potential (major events and attractions, visa free entrance options)
11.20 – Introduction of BelAgroTravel DMC from Belarus
11.40 – Introduction of Prime Tour DMC from Belarus
12.00 – Q&A session
13.00 – Close of event

At the end of the event, each participant will receive free Visit Belarus and Russia brochures, information materials, souvenirs, sweets and a memory stick with the presentation.
Participation is free of charge, but registration is required. Please email dmitrii@trakt.by for more information.

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