«BelAgroTravel / Zapadny Trakt» is an incoming tour operator, suggests complex service round Belarus. The company’s major aim is organization of various tours and trips round Belarus: from its planning to release on top level.

The tour operator offers the whole range of tourist services – from one-day excursions to long fact-finding tours of all the ethnographical regions of Belarus. The company is open for new cooperation and ready to recommend, plan, prepare, coordinate and organize visit programs in Belarus from the very beginning till the end. The tour operator guarantees, the clients of BelAgroTravel Ltd. receive professional and reliable services on acceptable prices on the next points:

- Guarantee tours from 2 to 7 days with a whole-year schedule;

- Weekly drop in excursions;

- Taylor-made individual and group tours;

- Development of the specialized tours;

- Booking hotels round Belarus;

- Transfer services round Belarus;

- Organization and holding meetings, conferences, congresses, seminars and etc.

BelAgroTravel team is professionals in tourism and scientists in the field of history, mythology, natural history, ecology, ethnology and astronomy.

Due to unifying the knowledge of the team with advanced touristic technologies the company develops and successfully releases unique touristic product based on strong academic base.

In 2013 the tour operator «BelAgroTravel» Ltd. became a diploma winner of the XI Republic tourist contest «Poznay Belarus» in the category «For development of incoming and inbound tourism».

In 2015 the tour operator «BelAgroTravel» Ltd. Became a laureate of the XIII Republic tourist contest «Poznay Belarus» in the category of «For development of inbound tourism» and a diploma winner of the XIII Republic tourist contest «Poznay Belarus» in the category «For active promotion of tourist potential of the Republic of Belarus».

In 2016 the tour operator «BelAgroTravel» Ltd. became a laureate of the national tourist award «Poznay Belarus» in the category «The tour operator of the year». The company consider its aim is to show the beauty of Belarus with the help of modern and original excursion method.

«For us clients are Friends and Guests, after all we have common interests and wishes. Our philosophy based on flexibility and feel of spirit of the times. We move forward, based on traditions and choosing high quality!».


We consider people who visit us as our guests. We do so because the word "guest" is defined as "somebody who receives hospitality from someone else", while "hospitality" means "friendly, welcoming, and generous treatment offered to guests or strangers".

So, we meet our guests with genuine hospitality and put a lot of energy into providing them with positive and memorable experience. Every time they trust us, we are truly honored. Excellent service is a privilege and pleasure for us.