General information


Belarus is the country between East and West, the Baltics and the Black sea, part of the trade route “from the Varangians to the Greeks”.
Our country was part of a number of statehoods including the Principality of Polotsk, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Russian Empire and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.After the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, Belarus began its history as an independent state and in 1994 the new Constitution was adopted as well as the first presidential election held.

Being in the centre of Europe, Belarus was integrated in the common course of history of the latter but managed to develop its own peculiarities which are worth of meticulous study. This is the country to discover.


9,5 mln. people live on the territory of 207,6 thousand km2 with 2 mln. people residing in the capital of Minsk. 80% of the population are Belarusians, around 8% - Russians, 3% - Polish, 2%- Ukrainians while Jewish, Latvians, Lithuanians and other nations inhabit the country.


The official languages are Belarusian and Russian that stem from East Slavic languages. The people speak both but the majority use Russian in everyday life. Young people speak good English. Upon request highly professional and well-educated guides or interpreters can provide assistance in all the languages of the world.


Belarusian climate is moderately continental with quite cold winters (average – 8.0 °С), warm summers (average + 19 °С) and distinct four seasons. Here you can experience the burst of bright colours in autumn, refreshing icy beauty in winter, mind and soul awakening spring, inspiring gentle sun in summer.


ENJOY THE FREE ENTRY TO BELARUS! Belarus established visa-free regime for the citizens of 80 states for up to 30 days.
Entry requirements:

- Arrival and departure only via “Minsk National Airport”*;

- A valid passport or another substituting document for traveling abroad;

- Financial means: at least 25 Euro (or equal amount in dollars or Belarusian rubles) for each day of stay;

- Medical insurance with coverage for at least 10,000 Euros valid on the territory of Belarus;

* The given order of visa-free movement through the airport does not extend to per-sons coming to Belarus by plane from the Russian Federation, as well as to those who intend to fly to the airports of the Russian Federation

The Decree also does not apply to foreigners paying official visits. Diplomatic, official, special and other passports equal to them are not covered by the above Decree.


It is allowed for the tourists arriving by plane to bring personal luggage up to 50 kg equivalent to 10 000 euros. In case of extra weight the items will be subject to duty at 30% and not less than 4 euros per kilo. Cash over 10 000 USD shall be declared. People over the age of 18 are allowed to bring in 3 litres of alcoholic drinks including beer, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g tobacco. Firearms, military equipment, narcotics, poisons, radioactive and explosive substances are not allowed.


The local currency of Belarus is the Belarusian ruble available in banknotes and coins. You will be able to change money when you arrive in a large number of exchange of-fices in all the cities of Belarus or withdraw it from ATMs located in any bank, shop-ping mall or supermarket. The most commonly accepted currencies are: US dollars, Euros, Russian rubles.

Bank cards are widely accepted in Belarus while Visa and MasterCard are the most commonly used. Online payment systems are available as well.


The public transportation is well developed including buses, electro buses, trams, trolley buses, vans and taxis. There is also underground in Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus. It is possible to rent a car for a foreigner in Belarus holding an International Driving Permit. The driving in Belarus is right-side.