«BelAgroTravel / Zapadny Trakt» is a destination management company as well as a close-knit team of tourism professionals and enthusiastic specialists in history, mythology, natural science, ecology, theology, ethnography and astronomy. We have combined our knowledge with the latest technology and innovations to create a business we can all be proud of. That’s why we strive to keep our services carefully planned and perfectly executed.

Our main focus is at all the kinds of guided tours in the Republic of Belarus and nearby countries. We create both group programs and individual tours for guests that travel alone or come through our partner companies from around the world. We are partners with large, well-known travel operators from Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Iceland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia, the Philippines, Asian and Pacific regions, USA, Canada and many more countries. They all entrust us with their tourists who choose Belarus as a tour destination.

Another BelAgroTravel focus of is a tourism outsourcing that helps foreign operators to optimize their presence in Belarus. Our multilingual and multicultural background as well as general interest in tourism development makes the task not only smooth, but also pleasant. That’s why cooperation with many trusted companies from around the world has always been successful. Please let us know if you would like to get references, and we will gladly provide you with the contacts.

We also provide several other tourism-related services that might be useful for you either as a tourist or a company representative. Please check the according page to learn more about the ways we can be helpful. And we definitely hope to hear from you.


We consider people who visit us as our guests. We do so because the word "guest" is defined as "somebody who receives hospitality from someone else", while "hospitality" means "friendly, welcoming, and generous treatment offered to guests or strangers".

So, we meet our guests with genuine hospitality and put a lot of energy into providing them with positive and memorable experience. Every time they trust us, we are truly honored. Excellent service is a privilege and pleasure for us.