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Who we are

We are an incoming tourism company and leading travel service provider in Belarus. Our mission is to share passion about our country and add value to each provided service whether it is a package tour or a hotel booking. We appreciate innovation and are happy to cooperate with tourism companies from around the world.

Our guests philosophy

We consider people who visit us as our guests. We do so because the word "guest" is defined as "somebody who receives hospitality from someone else", while "hospitality" means "friendly, welcoming, and generous treatment offered to guests or strangers". So, we meet our guests with genuine hospitality and put a lot of energy into providing them with positive and memorable experience. Every time they trust us, we are truly honored. Excellent service is a privilege and pleasure for us.

Foundation and core values:

  • Deep knowledge of Belarus, its history and culture
  • Unique blend of theoretical base and practical experience
  • Team of motivated business professionals and scientists
  • Perfect record in all the services we provide
  • Reliability, flexibility, simplicity
What we are proud of:
  • More then 6 years in inbound tourism
  • “The best tour operator” award in 2016
  • Diploma of the XI National tourism contest "Discover Belarus"
  • Diploma of the XII National tourism contest "Discover Belarus"
  • Trust of our partners from around the world

Why Belarus

Belarus is rarely mentioned as a world-famous tourism destination, but all the more it is a country worth visiting. Comparatively small number of tourists on the streets brings more space for enjoying different architectural and artistic styles such as Gothic, Baroque, classicism, modern, Stalinist architecture, etc. Belarus can also show its deep cultural heritage and beautiful nature - preserved woodlands, pristine lakes and rivers, endless swamps. West meets East here, modern life intertwines with history, and the level of hospitality is truly exceptional.   

Services we are happy to provide:

Package tours in Belarus

and to surrounding countries


hotel bookings of any type


transfers around Belarus


first-hand knowledge about traditions

Best resorts

with or without treatment options

Outdoor tourism

active tours in the fresh air

Special equipment supply

tour guide and audio guide systems


meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions

Genealogical research

Discover your ancestry

some best places in Belarus


the capital city


birthplace of BelAz trucks


memorial complex


museum of arts&crafts


legendary palace


relict forest


musical estate


shagal city


splendid castle

Our Partners and Friends

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